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Our software has been used by 12,000 financial institutions worldwide

  • Deutsche Bank
  • FXCM
  • CNBC
  • CIM Banque
  • Jefferies

Modern financial services are only as good as their software

We excel at helping companies build and upgrade theirs

Data Warehouse and Analytics software

There is a large volume of transactional, market and customer data that every modern financial service collects and processes on a daily basis. You want engineers that know how to store, transform and run reports, and find insights from hundreds of terabytes of daily data, without affecting real-time transactions. The reporting engine that we built for FXCM is a good example of our capabilities.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms have proven to be of great practical value in a variety of application domains. Not surprisingly, many financial companies are looking for a way to apply these algorithms to find insights in their data, analyze market behavior or help their clients make smarter decisions. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get there.

High-speed Execution

Speed is extremely important in trading and real-time bidding. We possess a combination of experience and knowledge, which allows us to design and build speed optimized systems that carry out complex executions in a matter of milliseconds. The electronic trading platforms and trade execution engines that we build are a good proof of that.

High-performance Applications

The ability to handle millions of operations per second at any given moment has become a new norm for key components of modern financial systems. We are experts at designing, building and optimizing such software. A perfect example of this is the full brokerage infrastructure that we engineered to serve hundreds of thousands of active traders.

Mobile Applications

Providing an intuitive user experience tailored to users on the go is the key when building a new mobile application, or modernizing an existing one. On top of that, it’s often the case that users expect a similar set of features in the mobile application as they are used to with a desktop or web version that they’ve been using for years. Having been in the business of building mobile apps since 2009, we know exactly how to achieve this.

Client-facing Web Applications

Though, there are many mobile-first solutions that have dominated the market in recent years, web is still the number one way many retail clients interact with financial services. That’s why the task of building feature-rich, lightning fast, and secure web applications that are powered by complex server-side components is a high-priority responsibility. And we’re on hand to help you with it.

API Connectivity

It’s all about API connectivity if your business serves institutional clients or is an integral part of a larger financial ecosystem. Be it FIX or any other industry-specific protocol – you want your engineers to know the specifics of it, and also understand the needs of end users. Some of the APIs that we’ve built have been used by hundreds of thousands of users daily since 2001.

Software R&D

Industry pioneers and market leaders have always found themselves in a situation where there is no known way or ready-made solution to their technical problems. If you are one of those companies, having a conversation with us would definitely be worthwhile. That’s because FintechOps has been building custom software solutions since the dawn of retail online trading, many of which have been the first of their kind.

Our Services

A snapshot of our software development history

A snapshot of our software development history


Real-time, on-demand reporting is a requirement in the Retail Forex market, and Gehtsoft (FintechOps) developed a very powerful Reporting Engine to help us address this requirement. Unifying a disparate set of reports from multiple applications into one engine has significantly simplified our reporting processes. Users can select from several representation formats, and the application can be configured to support multiple user-interfaces and customizable layouts and cosmetics.

Senior Manager


Gehtsoft (FintechOps) has provided us with high level software to run the many platforms we use to provide continuous service to our customers worldwide. We would recommend Gehtsoft to any company requiring any type of software development.

Evan Milazzo


Gehtsoft (FintechOps) developed a professional and flexible Web application that has helped to streamline the FXCM account opening procedure and the operations tasks associated with it. The product was built using modern Java technologies. It is consequently highly but simply configurable and easy to support.

Senior Manager


Our Technology Expertise

FintechOps builds top-notch technology solutions in a world where security, high performance, and execution in microseconds are imperative.

  • Java
  • React
  • C#.NET
  • Assembly
  • Angular
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Node.js
  • KDB/Q
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile development
  • Desktop applications
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