Why FintechOps

Here are several reasons why FintechOps is the best choice for any fast-growing financial company looking for a software development vendor.
Two Decades of Experience

From the days of first-generation retail forex trading to today, FintechOps continues to be a secret weapon. A weapon utilized by financial market companies in order to help them edge ahead of their competition.

We are the software development team that helped FXCM grow from a 15-person startup to a publicly-traded company. One that went on to become the largest retail forex broker in the world at the time.

FintechOps keeps on maintaining its place at the edge of innovation. We do this by building software solutions that addresses issues not already solved by existing software. And our innovation is always balanced with the highest standards of reliability. Standards that are characteristic to the industry itself.

Our software is in use by thousands of brokers and millions of traders worldwide. But that’s just our beginning. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Knowledge is power. You know this. So you see the benefit of teams that have knowledge covering the entire spectrum of your industry, not just a single niche.

We know how the industry works. We know how you work. When it comes to a brokerage or stock exchange, FintechOps know every business process. We also understand your need to remain compliant with all industry regulations. Finally, we’ve already done what you’re looking for—we’ve created software for each business process of FXCM. In some cases, these solutions required a deep proficiency in applied mathematics as well as industry specific essentials such as risk management.

We are a team that can speak the same language as your operational team. And we can offer solutions that go far beyond simple code writing.

Top Technical Expertise

FintechOps is a one-stop shop. Let us help you with any of your technical needs—to the extent of building secure, high-performing, high-speed software solutions that address issues requiring the utmost reliability.

From our inception we have been building: ultra fast APIs that consume the minimum of network traffic, applications that ran for 4 years without even a second of downtime, databases containing tens of terabytes of information that can be searched in order to quickly create small or large market or business reports, a trading terminal that can handle hundreds of trading accounts and thousands of orders on a single PAMM or LAMM account, and many more. Much of this was created for clients years before their competition had anything similar.

Proven Reputation

FintechOps has worked with both public companies in the financial industry and international banks. And we have earned the reputation of a company that clients can trust. Our main office is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we have developers in New York City and Europe.

Whether it’s Full Agile or PMP or RUP-like iterative step-by-step delivery, we know what we’re doing. We can deliver projects that have strict budgets and tight deadlines while not compromising reliability and future scalability, while at the same time maximizing the business value of any software we build for our customers.