When it comes to who you partner with in business, there is so much more involved than which contractor offers the best price. You want to work with someone you can build and foster a relationship with.
FintechOps is a family-owned and operated business, one that understands the importance of strong relationships.
our past

It was 1999, with a new century on the horizon. A father and son with more than 40 years of combined software development experience decided it was more than enough to start a business.

Twenty years have proven them right. During that time, we opened two offices in the United States and worked with companies ranging from aspiring startups to NYSE-traded corporations. And despite completing dozens of projects and winning multiple awards, we continue to learn. Continue to grow.

our present

Today, under the leadership of two brothers, FintechOps is proud of the knowledge, experience, and skill we have gained. Together with a team of dozens of great people, including industry veterans and a new generation of talent, we are ready for a new challenge. One that can help you put your business on the road to success.

how WE operate

We believe that as a company we have a social responsibility. One that doesn’t hurt our future. So, from the start, we decided to remain human first and businessmen second. The bottom line isn’t more important than our people. For us, family and people come first.

Are we aware that some of our competitors allow or force their employees to work 250 plus hours a month? Yes. But we don’t believe that forcing an employee to miss important events in their children’s lives is going to bring out their best. And we want their best—because it’s their best they will bring to you too. When we need our team to give something extra to get the job done, they are happy to do so. Happy to give back.

To that end, we have a family-friendly workplace, supporting our staff in any way we can.

giving back

We are proud of supporting US military veterans’ foundations:

  • Green Beret Foundation: GBF ProAm 2014 and GABF ProAm 2015
  • H-3 Veterans Services: Vet-am 2016 and Vet-am 2017
  • We helped to organize and sponsored children’s TKD competitions with MPBBA in 2014 and 2015.
  • We participated as title sponsors for local schools’ fundraising events such as Hilltop CDS annual fundraisers in 2018 and 2019.
  • We try to do our bit in forest preservation. We started with supporting reforestation in Israel and moved onto purchasing and
    maintaining over 100 acres in North Carolina since 2017.
  • From supporting reforestation to spending our time serving as a trustee on a school board or participating in local community service
    events, we believe that every moment is essential. In addition to that, every year, part of our profits goes to support local startups
    among minority-, veteran-, and women-owned businesses.