Our Services

From vision to solution architecture to implementation, FintechOps translates your business requirements into industry-leading software in a truly Agile way.
Custom Fintech Software Solutions With over 21 years’ experience, we possess specialist skills and leverage proven methodologies in the area of software development in an agile way for fintech companies. We know just how important time-to-market for new features and critical integrations can be, and have a long-established reputation for speed with no compromise on quality. At the same time, customer trust and data integrity are two more indispensable components for financial institutions, so we leave no stone unturned when it comes to security and stability.

At FintechOps, we specialize in building mobile, web, cloud, and desktop applications in addition to backend solutions and integrations. Most financial institutions seek us out because of our unrivaled Java, React, and Microsoft Technologies expertise as a certified Microsoft Application Development Partner. But what truly sets FintechOps apart is our versatility with a broad range of technologies and culture of continuously adopting the latest cutting edge solutions when there’s a good fit.
Digital Transformation and Legacy Conversion Seamlessly transitioning fintech companies to new and improved systems with minimal disruption to normal operations is at the core of our digital transformation and legacy conversion services. We meticulously plan the gradual rollout and training processes that are essential for maximizing user buy-in and adoption in addition to the standard agreement on features and scope of integrations for the new system.

We begin with a detailed analysis that aims to identify any hidden legacy system complexities to get to the root problems in the existing system. This process enables us to address issues in the new solution more effectively and tends to culminate in a modern, cloud-based, and future-proof solution with microservice architecture.
Discovery and Technology Consulting At FintechOps, we are committed to helping you better understand your technological options. If you don’t have your project fleshed out with detailed requirements, we’re readily available to provide assistance through workshops with our highly experienced analysts and consultants.

Numerous CTOs turn to FintechOps when they’re seeking future technological direction or during the selection process for the most ideal business platform. Using the high-level expertise we’ve gained the the completion of numerous successful projects, we can confidently advise you on a broad range of topics including:
  • Optimizing IT infrastructure
  • Fault tolerance and reliability
  • Performance studies and optimization
  • Data protection best practices
  • Technology assessment
  • Security and fraud prevention
  • Certification and compliance
Software R&D We provide dedicated Software R&D services to help you stay a few steps ahead of the competition. Our collection of transcendent engineering talent is the reason why we’ve built an industry-wide reputation for effectively addressing problems that don’t have existing technological solutions. Over the years, we’ve pioneered some of the following solutions:
  • The only public live trading simulation
  • A mobile trading terminal that was among the very first on the market
  • Proprietary binary price information exchange protocol that offered up to 5x server efficiency improvement for large volume brokerages
  • The first large PDF-live streaming technology, years ahead of the competition
  • Introduced the UI style for trading price quotes dubbed “gas column” that became commonplace in the early 2000s
  • A machine learning-based customer scoring system for a KYC/AML component
Our primary process for solving client problems involves a commitment to finding the right solution among open-source options or those which are commercially available on the market. If one does not exist, we are just as comfortable pushing the boundaries through a truly bespoke solution.
Maintenance and Support Our job doesn’t end when the project is delivered. We offer lifetime support for our software products and the appropriate training for staff members within your organization who will use the software.

Regardless of how large or small the institution your financial service caters to, customers still expect outstanding service. The hard earned trust you built up over many years can very easily be lost in a moment due to a low quality UI or substandard performance.

Rest assured that when you work with FintechOps, we remain at your disposal for maintenance, audits, penetration tests, and support. We are truly committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients and playing our part in your company’s success.

Our maintenance and support services include:
  • App lifecycle management including release & patch management
  • Corrective & preventive maintenance to rectify potential or identified issues
  • Adaptive & perfective maintenance to keep your IT systems up-to-date, and improve their performance, availability, and maintainability
Development Team Extension Some of our clients have projects where they prefer to keep software development management in-house. As such, our clients can benefit from exclusive access to a high-caliber talent pool of specialist developers as required. We have a development framework that makes filling any gaps in expertise because of an evolving tech stack or specific product requirements a very straightforward process. What’s more, you get complete oversight of the process management at the same time

We are also highly experienced in managing distributed teams that work collaboratively to complete project deliverables. Our main office is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we have developers in New York City as well as Europe.