50,000 Custom Trading Solutions

High-performing, high-speed software solutions for automated data analysis, and implementation of complex mathematical algorithms.


In 2008, FintechOps committed to a path. One that would help traders of any size in either the stock or Forex markets implement trading algorithms and strategies. If their internal software development teams couldn’t support an extra load, we were there to stand in. It’s our belief that an investment firm or trader should be able to source the right development team for their project with ease. 


We put in place a dedicated team whose mandate was a strict focus on building trading solutions of any size and complexity. This is a team of engineers who have a vast knowledge of the financial markets and trading at a variety of brokerage platforms and exchanges. And they bring significant experience to the table—in more than just C++, C#, Assembler, Java, Python, or other technology stacks. They have a deep understanding of what it takes to build the type of high-performing, high-speed software solutions needed for automated data analysis and implementation of complex mathematical algorithms.

Since 2008, FintechOps has built over 50,000 trading solutions. These have been used for day and high-frequency trading of stocks, currencies, and other securities in the US, the UK and around the world. 

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