Traders Community

30,000 free trading solutions written in Lua, Python, JavaScript, and MQ, which are available to anyone.


Our aim was to help novice traders get all the benefits the platform had to offer. This included teaching them how to use the extensive programming tools available for technical analysis and automated in-platform trading. The faster they could navigate the learning curve the better. Once they could use existing indicators or oscillators and trading robots or could write their own, the chances of their success—and thereby staying with the broker—increased.


Many novice traders look to their peers, asking for input on existing trading solutions that have helped them predict a market trend and capitalize on it. Our goal was to make it easier for traders to source these types of solutions—for free.

It’s a known industry fact that 95% of new custom trading solutions are created from the fork of an existing one. Therefore, if there was a large library of solutions available, the probability of a trader writing a quick custom solution based on an existing one increased significantly.

To fulfill that goal, we established a traders’ community portal that currently has over 30,000 free trading solutions. These solutions are written in Lua, Python, JavaScript, and MQL and are available to the generic public. This library is populated in two ways:

  • If a trader has a promising trading strategy or idea, FintechOps has dedicated developers who are prepared to code small trading solutions for free. In turn, the trader is expected to share the strategy and the code with the community.
  • Community members can post their own code and request feedback from their peers.
Business Impact
  • Since the project was introduced in 2008, the brokerage has seen an increase in successful traders and happy customers.
  • Better customer support and the reality of increased chances at success has attracted traders away from FXCM’s competition.