Document Management System

A document storage and workflow solution for a large US retail Forex broker.


Retail Forex is a highly regulated industry that requires each step to be documented. This includes new account sign-ups, collecting consent, deposits, withdrawals, or any type of bank transaction. Documents then need to be stored and available on demand for years to come.

For years, FXCM struggled with a solution that was sluggish and limited while still being expensive. A new document management system proved necessary—one that could support the growth of the brokerage and the corresponding amount of documents.


FintechOps decided the smartest approach would be to use SharePoint as a base for document storage. We could then customize and extend it suit the needs of the brokerage.

Since the brokerage was producing dozens of terabytes of documents each month, an optimized platform capable of storing vast amounts of data was imperative. Additionally, that data needed to be readily available for reports for the brokerage itself and the regulators. This was achieved by optimizing SharePoint and then enhancing it with a custom-built platform on .NET well equipped for handling resource-heavy document workflow operations.

This new document management system was tightly integrated with the Customer Registration and KYC system, Reporting Engine, Customer Account Management Portal, Salesforce CRM, and other internal subsystems. 

Business Impact
  • In terms of development, implantation, and support, the new document management system saw a reduction in costs by 5 times when compared to the old system.
  • FXCM and its partners had a competitive edge in the industry as they were able to quickly adapt to constantly changing regulations in the 190 countries where they operate.