A website and a powerful content management system for a well-known news brand.


To revamp the industry famous, FXCM owned website, DailyFX.

Our goal was a well optimized website that was extremely fast regardless of network speeds, the number of charts, and fluctuating, real-time currency rates. It also needed to support a large number of daily global visitors who relied on the platform for on-time analysts reports, and economic and technical analysis.


A content management system that allowed a team of content writers to work collaboratively. Additionally, there needed to be a process in place as to how articles were written, reviewed, and approved before they were published.

Since such an online content management engine didn’t exist, FintechOps designed and developed a proprietary system. One that meant writers could take existing content—such as charts, tables, and currency and stock pricing information—and create new content in just a few clicks.

Business Impact
  • Using the platform, FXCM empowered traders by offering valuable information that enabled them to make better trading decisions.
  • In 2016, FXCM sold DailyFX to IG Group for $40M.